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2020 Keyboard Giveaway

Enter to win a free $200 gift certificate to WASD Keyboards. The winner will be announced on January 1st, 2021 and gift certificate will be emailed to the winner. Without further ado let’s get right into the giveaway:

wasd v3 104key doubleshot abs gmk hyperfuse origins mechanical
PRIZE: FREE $200 Gift Certificate to

WASD Keyboards

When it comes to computer keyboards WASD keyboards are known for their exceptional customer service and innovative designs. PrimeTime Web is giving away a $200 gift certificate to You can spend it on anything in the store. In fact each keyboard is fully customizable and you can choose everything from the color of the keys to one of six different Cherry MX switch variations that each come with their own distinctive feel, action, and sound profile. You’ll enjoy the:

  • Precision German engineering, using the finest quality ABS plastic.
  • No obnoxious branding.
  • Discreet LED indicators.
  • Fingerprentless textured case material.
  • Six different Cherry MX switches to choose from.
104 p463 alpha v keyboard
P463 Alpha-V by Liam Page 104-Key Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Cherry MX Switches

Learn more about the sound profiles of the different Cherry MX switches in the video below:

WASD Keyboard Review

Here’s a link to check out reviews of the best mechanical keyboards in the world. Check out this YouTube review from Jerry:

WASD Maker Designs

Check out these custom WASD Keyboard Maker Designs, each a unique piece of art. You could be a proud owner any one of these keyboards. Take your time to browse the selection on their website after you’re done here.

How to Type 100 WPM

  • Do not rush in the beginning
  • Take your time to avoid mistakes
  • No chicken pecking
  • Fingers resting on the home row, not wandering around
  • Sit up straight, practice good posture and wrist position
  • Position your monitor 20 inches away from your eyes, about an arms length away.

Typing Tips For Beginners

Usually the fastest and easiest way to improve your score is to improve your accuracy.  Try to hit 100wpm mistake-free. I started the year typing with 96-97% accuracy, and it was a challenge to type 100wpm without any mistakes. Today, I completed the challenge, but it’s not something I can consistently repeat. After 5 minutes of typing it’s best to take a break because your hands will start to get tired.
So if you aren’t 100% accurate these are the speeds you need to type to reach a 100wpm score:

Learn to Type With Practice

Speed up after typing accurately becomes a habit. Practice, practice practice, and your speed and accuracy will get better. If you’re struggling, check out the many free typing games and lessons online. When I was first started typing the good lessons cost money and were Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and Peter Cortez Championship Typing. Now there are many good free lessons including on or available from many open resources online. I believe in you, you got this, you can do it. Have fun typing if that’s what you’re into, and good luck on your 100wpm challenge!

Take The 100WPM Typing Challenge

Have you ever taken a 1 minute typing test? You can go to and post your results to on social media with the hashtag #100wpmchallenge. Mistakes count against you and accuracy is measured by your percentage of errors, each lost percentage point of accuracy counts as -5wpm against your speed score.

Share Your Accomplishment

Head over to and take a one minute typing test, take a screenshot and post your results to social media with the hashtag #100wpmchallenge. Don’t forget to head over to when you’re done and enter to win another $200 gift certificate to effectively double your chances to win.

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